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New Year Greetings 2022

Dear clients and our staff, We Crown Dance Shoes Family are very grateful to our clients and our staff, without you we couldn’t have accomplished to achieve everything we did. Being the first in our production line keeps our commitment with you alive. Your support has always helped us grow…. We are extremely thankful for your generosity…

Ball at the SFOpen” Dancesport Championships, April 3-5 2020

Ball at the SFOpen” Dancesport Championships, April 3-5 2020 Stephan Krauel & Denise Jourdaine Krauel former US Professional Latin Finalists 5 x US Open Professional 10 Dance Vice Champions 5 x Representatives to the World 10-Dance and Showdance Championships World Class & Championship Adjudicators Organizers of the Portland Open   Colin James Former World Amateur…

Status Post

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